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Kris Schaible
Noodlesaurus Glass Studio
Hahns Dairy Road
Palmerton, PA 18071
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This website id dedicated to tools only .. if you are interested in my work please visit the facebook page, I also list free or discounted passes there along with my show schedule. 

I have a Facebook page now for just business stuff... check it out... .. is is much faster way for me to show you all what I am up to... I can take a quick "Iphone Photo" and load it there... where here, on the website, I have to use the regular camera, download , upload, edit ,size and then come up with some whitty wording.... so with all that said, Please check out my FB business page and if you see something you like post a comment and we can work out a deal!!

 The Regional Director position has been great so far this will be my 3rd full year... it has been a challenge to learn all of the new things but it feel good to see a change happening... I have also taken on the added responsibility of District Director for a second year.
 I continue to do what I can to support Bead of Courage and I am very excited to have beads making the race again this year in the Iditarod Dog sled race in Alaska for a second year in a row.
WOW!!! how cool is that??...
I also have recieved the honor of being one of the first 30 people to be inducted into the Beads of Courage Hall of Fame... what an amazing honor... I feel it is my mission to spread the word and share BoC's journey.
 I had 2 different beads take a trip into space... YES, SPACE!... one was on STS-132 and the other was STS-134.... I am one of 3 artists in the world to have this honor... check out Beads of Courage (.org) for more details.
Thanks again for dropping by and your support...Please feel free to drop me a line at


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