Hello and Welcome!!

I am back on the inter-webs with my own website again. There is a saying that I am trying to uphold in 2023... present is better than perfect. And that is exactly what we have here.. a very present website.. far from perfect but here.

I am so glad to have control over the listing of my stuff again. I have been working hard the past many weeks to get all of the newest work photos and listings done. It is a work in progress and I'm sure you will find some mistakes. I will be working thru those as well as adding new work.

I will be adding more engraving work asI am able to get it photographed and listed. If you would like to make a custom request I am taking some orders now but I also have a wait list for certain work. One of the best things about the Pandemic is that It has allowed me to adjust the quantity of work I do and therefore be able to produce higher quality work.